More and more male patients are visiting my clinic with varicocele condition seeking recommendations and treatments.

But what is exactly varicocele and why is it so related to fertility?
Varicocele is an enlargement of the veins of the testicles, most of the times involving the left side of the scrotal bag. It is very similar to varicose veins of the legs.
When you have a varicocele, the blood is more likely to flow back from the abdomen during any sort of effort (e.g. laughing, coughing or during prolonged physical exertion), hence the temperature of the testicle becomes warmer and its function might get impaired.
Testicular functions include the production of hormones (testosterone) and fertility (production of spermatozoa).
Most of the times, varicocele is painless, sometimes it causes dull discomfort. When significant, varicocele is more noticeable. In adolescents, a varicocele may delay testicular growth.
You must see your doctor if you experience pain or swelling in the scrotum, if your testicles are different sizes or if you are facing problems with fertility.